The Mexican National Women's Championship (Campeonato Nacional Feminil in Spanish) is a professional wrestling championship for female wrestlers created and sanctioned by the Comisión de Box y Lucha Libre Mexico D.F. (the Mexico City Boxing and Wrestling Commission). While the Commission sanctions the title, it does not promote the events in which the Championship is defended. The championship is currently promoted by the Mexican Lucha Libre wrestling based promotion Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL) and has in the past also been promoted by the Mexican-based Asistencia Asesoría y Administración (AAA) promotion. Being a professional wrestling championship, it is not won legitimately; it is instead won via a scripted ending to a match or awarded to a wrestler because of a storyline. The title was not officially sanctioned by the Comisión until 1986 where they lifted the ban on Women's wrestling in Mexico City, the first officially recognized Mexican National Women's champion was Reyna Gallegos, who at the time was the Mexican Women's champion a title that was created in the 1950s. The Comisión chose to recognize the lineage of the title that predated their endorsement to give the title more credibility.

The first recognized Mexican Woman's champion was Isabel Romero who won the title some time in 1959. The championship lineage From 1959 until the Comisión sanctioned the title remains unclear and for large stretches of time undocumented. Martha Villalobos holds the record for the longest reign with 1,399 days while Lady Apache's 2 reigns combine for 1,470 days the longest of any champion. Isabel Romero has held the title three times, while five women are tied with two reigns since the title was officially sanctioned; Lady Apache, La Sirenita, Tiffany, Martha Villalobos and Zuleyma. La Diabólica holds the record for the shortest title reign, with 50 days. The current champion is Princessa Blanca, having defeated Marcela on January 30, 2009 to win the championship. It is her first reign with the title, she's the 17th officially recognized champion and the 12th overall champion of the sanctioned era.

Title history

Symbol Meaning
Reign The reign number for the specific set of wrestlers listed.
Event The event promoted by the respective promotion in which the titles were won
N/A The specific information is not known
Used for vacated reigns in order to not count it as an official reign
(n) Indicates that a title change took place "no later than" the date listed.
  Indicates that there was a period where the lineage is undocumented due to the lack of written documentation from that time period.
+ Indicates that the date changes daily for the current champion.
# Wrestler Reign Date Days
Location Event Notes

Isabel Romero 1 1959 Unknown A Live event  

Irma Gonzales 1 01959-01-011959

Unknown A Live event  


Isabel Romero 2 01964-01-011964

Unknown A Live event  

Jarochita Rivero 1 01966-05-12May 12, 1966

91 Puebla Live event  

Isabel Romero 3 01966-08-11August 11, 1966

Unknown Tampico Live event


Moreno, RossyRossy Moreno

1 01980-01-011980

Unknown A Live event  


Gallegos, ReynaReyna Gallegos

1 01986-03-30March 30, 1986

{{sort|642 Apatlaco Live event Defeats La Briosa;

Vacated 01988-01-011988



Championship vacated when Reyna Gallegos retires

Briosa, LaLa Briosa

1 01988-03-30March 30, 1988

102 Apatalco Live event Defeats Zuleyma in tournament final.

Zuleyma 1 01988-07-10July 10, 1988

394 Xochimilco Live event  

Marquesa, LaLa Marquesa

1 01989-08-08August 8, 1989

234 Apatalco Live event  

Zuleyma 2 01990-03-30March 30, 1990

330 Mexico City, Mexico Live event  

Vacated 01991-02-23February 23, 1991



Championship vacated when Zuleyma wins the UWA World Women's Championship.

Neftali 1 01991-11-07November 7, 1991

253 Nezahualcoyotl Live event Defeats Vicky Carranza.

Sirenita, LaLa Sirenita

1 01992-07-17July 17, 1992

{{sort|168 Cuautla Live event  

Vacated 01993-01-01January 1993



Championship vacated when La Sirenita becomes pregnant

Diabólica, LaLa Diabólica

1 01993-08-21August 21, 1993

50 Mexico City, Mexico Live event Defeats Lady Apache in tournament final;

Vacated 01993-10-10October 10, 1993



Championship vacated when La Diabólica wins the CMLL World Women's Championship.

Sirenita, LaLa Sirenita

2 01994-01-18January 18, 1994

676 Mexico City, Mexico Live event Defeats Maria del Angel.

Villalobos, MarthaMartha Villalobos

1 01995-11-25November 25, 1995

Unknown Culiacan Live event  


Villalobos, MarthaMartha Villalobos

2 01996-06-21June 21, 1996

1399 Culiacan Live event Defeats La Practicante.

Tiffany 1 02000-04-20April 20, 2000

745 San Luis Potosí Live event  

Lady Apache 1 02002-05-05May 5, 2002

301 Monterrey Live event  

Tiffany 2 02003-03-02March 2, 2003

336 Monterrey Live event  

Lady Apache 2 02004-02-01February 1, 2004

1169 Zapopan Live event  

Vacated 02007-04-15April 15, 2007



Championship vacated four months after Lady Apache won the CMLL Women's World Championship.

Marcela 1 02007-05-04May 4, 2007

637 Mexico City, Mexico Live event Defeats Princesa Sujei in a tournament final, contested in a Two Out Of Three Falls Match.

Princesa Blanca 1 02009-01-30January 30, 2009

3279+ Mexico City, Mexico Live event

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