During June, 2001, it emerged that World Wrestling Federation had dropped Memphis Championship Wrestling as their developmental territory. Several of the wrestlers - American Dragon, Christian York, Joey Abs, Joey Matthews, Rodrageous, Shooter Schultz and Spanky - had also been dropped from their WWF contracts.

With the remaining WWF developmental talent - Steve Bradley, Victoria, Lance Cade, The Island Boyz (Ekmo & Kimo), and the Haas Brothers (Charlie & Russ) - now being reassigned from Memphis, to Heartland Wrestling Association, in Cincinnati, Ohio - it left the promotion with little or no wrestling talent left for the business to run.

The subsequent MCW television show was made up of candid interviews with many of the departing talents. Soon, these television shows would be made up of old replays and over the coming months it was eventually dropped by the television station.


Another promotion called simply Memphis Wrestling opened in 2003. It airs on the same television station, and the same regional title belts are also up for grabs. Unlike MCW, the promotion is not currently a WWE developmental territory but does have good relations with them as several contracted WWE wrestlers have appeared on their arena shows.