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Meltdown: The Music of TNA Wrestling Volume 2

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Meltdown: The Music of TNA Wrestling Volume 2 was the fourth CD released from Total Nonstop Action Wrestling on November 20, 2007, featuring the entrance music of TNA superstars.

Track listing

  1. "To Live and Die in LAX" (The Latin American Xchange)
  2. "Canadian Destroyer" (Petey Williams)
  3. "1967" (Motor City Machineguns)
  4. "Black Reign" (Black Reign)
  5. "Gold Medal" (Kurt Angle)
  6. "We Find the Defendants Guilty" ("Wildcat" Chris Harris)
  7. "Pomp and Circumstance/Black Machismo Remix" (Jay Lethal)
  8. "Kaz" (Kaz)
  9. "Valor" (Lance Hoyt)
  10. "Sorry About Your Damn Luck" ("Cowboy" James Storm)
  11. "He’s Back" (Pacman Jones)
  12. "In My House" (Voodoo Kin Mafia)
  13. "Guru" (Sonjay Dutt)
  14. "Watch Out, Watch Out" (Team 3D)
  15. "Screwed" (Tomko)
  16. "Wings of a Fallen Angel" (Christopher Daniels)
  17. "God Check" (Frank Wycheck)
  18. "Ave Vampire" (Judas Mesias)
  19. "TNA Impact! Theme"
  20. "Duelin’ Dales (TNA Slammiversary ’07 Cold Open)" (Bonus Track)

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