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The following is a listing of events that Matt Sydal has participated in.


  • February 8-NWA TNA: Jimmy Rave defeated Matt Sydal
  • November 26-TNA Xplosion: Christopher Daniels defeated Matt Sydal


  • January 7-TNA Xplosion: Kid Kash defeated Matt Sydal
  • December 18-IWA Mid-South: Delirious defeated Matt Sydal


  • October 2-ROH:Matt Sydal defeated Jimmy Rave
  • October 15-CWE: Chris Sabin defeated Matt Sydal


  • April 29-ROH: Christopher Daniels defeated Matt Sydal
  • May 12-ROH: Matt Sydal defeated Jimmy Yang
  • November 4-ROH: KENTA defeated Matt Sydal


  • February 23-ROH: Matt Sydal defeated Austin Aries
  • June 16-IWA MidSouth: Matt Sydal defeated Human Tornado
  • September 15-ROH: Delirious defeated Matt Sydal


  • May 6 - Florida Championship Wrestling at Bourbon Street in New Port Richey, FL: Matt Sydal pinned Sinn Bowdee
  • June 3-ECW: Shelton Benjamin defeated Matt Sydal(debut)
  • September 7-Unforgiven: Evan Bourne defeated John Morrison(Dark Match)
  • September 25 - FCW at the FCW Arena in Tampa: Evan Bourne pinned Dolph Ziggler
  • October 26-Cyber Sunday: Matt Hardy(c) defeated Evan Bourne—ECW Championship


  • March 17-ECW: Evan Bourne(Returning) defeated Jamie Noble
  • September 13-Breaking Point: Evan Bourne defeated Chavo Guerrero (Dark Match)
  • November 22-Survivor Series: Evan was eliminated by Drew Mcintyre in the Survivor Series Elimination Match


  • January 31-Royal Rumble: Evan Bourne Entered at #2 but was eliminated by CM Punk
  • March 28-Wrestlemania 26: Jack Swagger Won the Money in the Bank Ladder Match
  • June 20-Fatal 4 Way: Evan Bourne defeated Chris Jericho
  • July 18-Money in the Bank: The Miz won the Money in the Bank Ladder Match
  • September 19-Night of Champions: Evan Bourne & Mark Henry participated in the gaunlet match for the WWE Tag Team Championship.

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