Matt Striker's Classroom was an interview segment featuring host Matt Striker


Kaye signed a contract with WWE in mid-2005, calling himself Matt Striker, and quickly developed a persona of a heel (villainous) teacher. He started out on the Raw brand, where he hosted a segment known as Matt Striker's Classroom, before moving to the ECW brand in 2006.

Matt Striker was once upon a time a high school teacher. The decision to carry on his teachings to WWE was not the smartest move.

No one in their right mind wanted to tune in and see Striker giving one of his patronizing lectures and showboating his intellectual brilliance with the aid of his handy dandy chalk board.

Matt Striker introduced a Big Daddy V to his classroom and Big Daddy V tossed The Boogeyman into Striker's chalkboard.

The show was underrated, as Striker is above average on the Mic and with his announcing duties now day show the full potential of his abilities.

I guess his show was underrated as we wanted to see Striker's condescending self get his ass kicked.