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This is a list of professional wrestlers, managers and other workers that were employed in Maryland Championship Wrestling.

List of wrestlers who have wrestled for Maryland Championship Wrestling

Wrestler Real Name Career
Amber Rodriguez
Billy Bingo Ron Faison
Brandon Scott Brandon Mowbray
Brian Cage Brian Button
The Bruiser
Cedric Alexander Cederick Johnson
David Starr
Dirty Money
Eric Chapel
Jay Briscoe
Joe Kerr
Kevin Eck Kevin Eck
Marcus Waters
Mark Briscoe
Matt Hardy Matt Hardy
Mick Foley Mick Foley
Mickie James Mickie James
Mosh Charles Warrington
Muddy Waters
Patrick Clark Patrick Clark, Jr.
Road Warrior Animal Joe Laurinaitis
Ryan McBride
Shane Strickland
Sonny Deeds
Thrasher Glenn Ruth

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