Type Posse Timber-man
Height 48,128 chords
Weight 109,292 2x4's
Attacks Lumber lash, arbor arm-bar, caber toss
Allies Dr. Cube, Super Minion #96, Hell Monkey, Minions
Enemies Heroes, lumberjacks
First appearance
Created by
Portrayed by:

Tenants: 2 squirrels, 3 birds, 1 kite
Least favorite joke: The one about the 3 holes in the ground


So large Super Minion fall in ball game through well of the deepening. Fertilizer for beauty of the lawn is also for the running off and make the mutation. Is new look Super Minion all for the Posse love. No! Too big and scary say Minions, too Minion say monster. But Cube solution is all in the spinning. The tree that was the walking as Minion, now is the running as full privilege monster Marutambo.

Dr. Cube's Posse Branches Out with Marutambo

August 27, 2003 There is a new force to be reckoned with in Kaiju Big Battel, and he is called Marutambo. In a press conference this morning Dr. Cube announced that the monster formerly known as Super Minion #104 would henceforth be known as Marutambo.

"Marutambo is more than a Super Minion, something which even your puny intellects should understand. While he remains as loyal as any other Minion, Marutambo has achieved an awesome degree of terribleness that the title Super Minion could never capture."

Those who follow Cube's Posse will remember that Super Minion #104 was transformed after falling down a well while playing ball with Dino Kang Jr. this past spring. While trapped at the bottom, the tree-armed Super Minion was mutated by a combination of radioactive food scraps and fertilizer run-off. When he emerged, #104 had grown to resemble a giant log with corresponding strength and resilience, but found it difficult to find his place in the Posse, neither fitting in with the Minions nor the monsters.

In recognition of Marutambo's new status as a post-Minion monster, the Posse has been holding a series of celebrations. On Friday Hell Monkey set a logging camp ablaze in Arizona as a "welcome to the gang" present. Napalean also showed her acceptance by rampaging through Missouri, causing a series of mild earthquakes. Celebrations will continue this week with a Minion recruitment drive in major metropolitan areas, designed to replace those killed as punishment for the pre-Marutambo teasing of the mutated Super Minion.

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