Marianna Komlos (September 3, 1969 – September 26, 2004) was an Canadian professional bodybuilder and wrestler. She worked under the ring-names of Marianna and Mrs. Cleavage.

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Bodybuilding careerEdit

Before she started bodybuilding, Komlos weighed as much as 197 lb. Komlos started competing in provincial contests in 1993, and eventually won the middleweight class at the British Columbia Championships in 1997.

Komlos appeared on the covers of many fitness magazines including Muscle & Fitness (September, 1997), Flex (November, 1997), Women's Physique World (December, 1997), and Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness.

Wrestling careerEdit

Komlos made her wrestling debut in 1999, where she performed in WWE vignettes as Mrs. Cleavage, the mother of Beaver Cleavage. She would continue performing with him throughout most of the year, often scolding him for his behavior in his matches. She would also try to get her son arrested many times throughout this angle because she claimed that he had been "beating her". Finally, this culminated on the October 10, 1999 version of Sunday Night Heat, where she was arrested because of a G-TV segment played by Glen Ruth that showed the police she had been faking everything.

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She married mixed martial artist and stunt performer Paul Lazenby in 2004.


Komlos died on September 26, 2004 from breast cancer. She was 35.

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  • Managed

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