Maranda Rights is an American female wrestler. She has worked for 15 different promotions across the United States, including Magnificent Ladies Wrestling, Championship Wrestling Association, and the Global Wrestling Federation.

Maranda has held a number of titles in her professional wrestling career, including holding the World Tag Team Championship at Magnificent Ladies Wrestling together with Crystal Fire.

Maranda Rights is used to the reaction she gets when she first arrives for a wrestling match. Many fans assume the slender young woman flashing a warm smile is there to watch the show, not climb into the ring against opponents who usually are taller and heavier.

But when they see Maranda Rights emerge from the locker room in her wrestling attire, they quickly notice the look of steely determination on her face as she sizes up her foe.

"I am pretty much what you see. . .a sweet and innocent girl-next-door," Maranda Rights says with a grin. "But when I enter the ring, I'm ready to fight with all my heart. When I lock up with my opponent, I want her to know I am there to win. I want to fight fair and wrestle clean, because I want to be a role model for all the younger fans. But if I am pushed, my opponent will definitely feel the pain." Since entering the world of professional wrestling two years ago, Maranda Rights has worked for more than 15 promotions. She has emerged as a fan favorite because of her "never say die" attitude. Even when Maranda Rights is being pummeled by bigger wrestlers, she refuses to back down or surrender. Fans have seen her rise from the canvas time after time, when many other wrestlers, male or female, would just allow themselves to be pinned.

"I'm still learning," explains Maranda Rights. "The only way I can continue to improve and become a better wrestler is by wrestling the toughest opponents. They may weigh more than me, they may be taller than me, they may be stronger than me, but none of them can match my fighting spirit. I just refuse to give up." Her fighting spirit has helped her win the GWF women's championship and the CWA diva championship. Naturally, she has her eye on the coveted Magnificent Ladies Wrestling championship belt, but she knows the path to the title will be a tough one.

"There is so much talent in the Magnificent Ladies Wrestling and it keeps getting better," Maranda Rights says with an impish grin. "But don't ever count me out. I want that belt and I'll battle my heart out to win it."

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  • Hurricanrana
  • Flying Clothesline

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