Event history

The following is a listing of events that Luxford has participated in.


Date Event Match Match type Title
August 4Heroes v VillainsBlaze defeated Luxford, Viper, Slammin' Sam, Muze and Candy6-Man Elimination -
September 1Heroes v VillainsSlammin' Sam, Taylor Spiers & Candy defeated Luxford, Blaze and Bronson Hoye6-Man Tag -
October 6Beach RiotLuxford, Blaze, Jimmy the Geek & Bronson Hoye vs. Slammin' Sam, Inferno, Viper & Candy fought to no contestBattle Royal -
November 17Heroes v VillainsReaper and Inferno defeated Luxford and Blaze6-Man Tag -
December 8Christmas ChaosLuxford defeated Jimmy the Geek, Viper, Muze, Weird One and CandyBattle Royal -
December 8Christmas ChaosLuxford defeated Taylor Spiers (c) and FlashmanTriple Threat Cruiserweight Championship


Date Event Match Match type Title
January 5Lethal LotteryPoison defeated Luxford and ViperTriple Threat -
February 2Heat WaveLuxford (c) defeated FlashmanSinglesCruiserweight Championship
March 2Highway to HellLuxford (c) defeated Angus McTavishSinglesCruiserweight Championship
April 6Heroes v VillainsLuxford (c) defeated ReaperSinglesCruiserweight Championship
May 4Heroes v VillainsSkhorn and Reaper defeated Luxford and InfernoTag Team -
June 4Heroes v VillainsLuxford (c) defeated Angus McTavishSinglesCruiserweight Championship
July 6Heroes v VillainsAngus McTavish defeated Luxford (c)SinglesCruiserweight Championship
August 3Toughen UpLuxford & Kiwi Thriller defeated Dave Law & Daxon KageTag Team -
August 3Toughen UpLuxford & Kiwi Thriller defeated Jackaroo & PoisonTag Team -
August 3Toughen UpBJ Blade & Angus McTavish defeated Luxford & Kiwi ThrillerTag Team -
August 31Hell Hath No FuryLuxford & Angus McTavish defeated Reaper & InfernoTag Team -


Date Event Match Match type Title
January 11ResolutionEliminator, Josh Bruise, Mylonas & Frost defeated Luxford, Weird One & Crazy DaveTag Team -
February 1Tables, Ladders & ChairsTaxman & Mylonas defeated Luxford & WillowTag Team -
March 1RedemptionRyan Melrose defeated LuxfordSingles -
April 5Major ImpactSkhorn, Wolfman, RIP & Eliminator defeated
Kiwi Thriller, Luxford, Willy McTavish and Candy
8-Man Elimination Tag -
May 3Major Impact IIDalton Briscoe defeated Luxford and Angus McTavish (c)Triple Threat EliminationCruiserweight Championship
May 31Major Impact IIIDalton Briscoe (c) defeated LuxfordSinglesCruiserweight Championship
July 5Major Impact IVLuxford defeated Dalton Briscoe (c)No DisqualificationCruiserweight Championship
August 2Major Impact VBJ Blade defeated LuxfordSingles -
September 6Major Impact VIDalton Briscoe and BJ Blade defeated Luxford and Kiwi ThrillerTag Team -
October 4Major Impact VIILuxford defeated BJ BladeSingles -
November 1Major Impact VIIILuxford defeated BJ BladeSingles -
November 29NCPWLuxford defeated Robbie O'ThornSingles -
December 6Major Impact IXCruz and BJ Blade defeated Luxford and Kiwi ThrillerTag Team -


Date Event Match Match type Title
January 3Major Impact XLuxford (c) defeated Josh BruiseSinglesCruiserweight Championship
February 7Major Impact XIJosh Bruise defeated Luxford (c)SinglesCruiserweight Championship
March 7Major Impact XIILuxford defeated SkhornSingles -
April 4Major Impact XIIILuxford defeated Bronson HoyeSingles -
April 4Major Impact XIIILuxford defeated Josh BruiseSingles -
April 4Major Impact XIIILuxford defeated Poison and R.I.P.Triple Threat -
April 4Major Impact XIIILuxford defeated BojackSinglesIPW Heavyweight Championship
May 2Major Impact XIVLuxford (c) defeated BojackSinglesIPW Heavyweight Championship
June 6Major Impact XVLuxford (c) defeated IcemanSinglesIPW Heavyweight Championship
August 1Major Impact XVILuxford (c) fought Iceman to a drawLast Man StandingIPW Heavyweight Championship
September 5Major Impact XVIILuxford (c) defeated Bojack and IcemanTriple ThreatIPW Heavyweight Championship
October 3Major Impact XVIIILuxford (c) defeated Dalton BriscoeSinglesIPW Heavyweight Championship
November 7Major Impact XIXDalton Briscoe defeated Luxford (c)2 out of 3 FallsIPW Heavyweight Championship