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Lucha Underground No. 2 is a comic book released put out by Lucha Underground.

Plot Summary

“The Throne” follows Mil Muertes’ unstoppable drive for victory, and Catrina striking a deal with King Cuerno.

Creative Team

  • Justin Ortiz & Christopher DeJoseph (Story)
  • Fabian Rangel, Jr. (Script)
  • Tony Gregori (Penciler)
  • Mike Spicer (Colors)
  • Ryan Ferrier (Letters)
  • AC Osorio (Cover Artist)
  • Ivan Plaza (Editor)

Main Characters

  • Mil Muertes
  • Catrina
  • Sinestro
  • Trece
  • Barrio Negro

Other Characters

  • Prince Puma
  • Ivelisse
  • Son of Havoc
  • Angelico
  • King Cuerno
  • Fenix
  • Jack Evans
  • Hernandez
  • Big Ryck

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