Los Boricuas was a Hispanic professional wrestling heel stable in the World Wrestling Federation in the late 1990s. The name was derived from a popular nickname for Puerto Rican people, as all the stable's members were from Puerto Rico.


The stable was led by Juan Rivera under his Savio Vega gimmick. The character formed the stable after he was fired from the Nation of Domination. The stable only lasted for roughly a year from June 1997 to October 1998. The group members featured Miguel Perez Jr. son of Miguel Perez Sr., Jose Estarda Jr. son of WWF jobber Jose Estrada Sr., and Jesus Castillo. They were mainly involved in angles with other stables including the Nation of Domination and the Disciples of Apocalypse. During WrestleMania XIV's tag team Battle Royal, Los Boricuas engaged two teams (Savio and Miguel, and José and Jesús), fighting on Raw is War. Vega left the group in July, and would return to a singles career before being released later that summer. Castillo still a team member, became a jobber on Shotgun. Perez,Castillo, & Estrada would still fight as a tag team on Raw and Shotgun until October 1998 and compete in WWF SuperAstros until the show ended in August 1999 and all three of them left the company. All of members of The Boricuas including Vega reformed in 2001 in Puerto Rico's IWA.

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