Arriving in 2012 and initially defeating singles opponents, Ryback has gone on to beat multiple teams of men. Initially faced in a 2-on-1 tag match, this was quickly changed to allowing both opponents in the ring simultaneously.

The ongoing theme is that the person(s) come to the ring and boist arrogantly, only to be cut off by Ryback's music. One team didn't show up, and waited until Ryback was in the ring to interrupt him.

On August 10th, Jinder Mahal defeated 2 jobbers.




Ryback had, after many consecutive victories of two, sometimes repeating Aaron Relic and Jay Hatton's line, 2 is greater than 1, shouted "feed me three!", after winning another two of them. In his third request at No Way Out, he punctuated this by shouting it while holding the weight of two men on his back, before even completing the match. It remains to be seen if he will be given what he wants.

While he continues to shout "feed me more!", he has not yet demanded "feed me four!".

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