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Wrestler Finishing move
Alicia Fox Officer Nasty (Somersault Leg Drop)/Watch Yo’ Face (Scissors Kick)
Brie Bella Bella Buster, a./k./a./ Ring My Bella (Sitout facebuster)
Chris Jericho Codebreaker / Walls of Jericho / Liontamer / Breakdown
Darren Young Running Powerslam / Heatwave / Gut Check
David Otunga The Verdict
Dean Ambrose Dirty Deeds Vr1 / Dirty Deeds Vr2
Goldust Curtain Call / Final Cut / Shattered Dreams / Golden Age
Heath Slater Sweetness / Smash Hit / Running Neckbreaker / E-Minor / Snapmare Driver / Overdrive / Jumping Reverse Bulldog / Jumping Reverse STO / Springboard Corkscrew Splash
Jey Uso Superfly Splash
Jimmy Uso Superfly Splash
John Cena Attitude Adjustment / STF
Justin Gabriel 450° splash
Mark Henry World's Strongest Slam / World's Strongest Splash
Natalya Nattie By Nature / Sharpshooter / Bridging German Suplex
Nikki Bella Bella Buster a./k./a. Ring My Bella / Nikki Rack Attack
Primo / Diego Backstabber / Hammerlock Legsweep DDT
R-Truth Lie Detector / Lil' Jimmy / Corkscrew Axe Kick
Randy Orton RKO / Punt Kick / O-Zone
Sheamus High Cross / Brogue Kick / Texas Cloverleaf / Irish Curse Backbreaker / White Noise
Ryback Meat Hook / Shell Shocked / Over The Shoulder Boulder Houlder / Skipline
The Great Khali Punjabi Plunge / Giant Chop / Vise Grip
Titus O'Neil Clash Of The Titus
The Miz Skull Crushing Finale / Mizard Of Oz / Reality Check / Figure 4 Leglock
Triple H Pedigree / Inverted Indian Deathlock
Tyson Kidd The Code Blue / Springboard Elbow Drop / Sharpshooter / The Dungeon Lock / Swinging Fisherman Suplex / Over Castle
William Regal Regal Stretch / Knee Trembler / Power of the Punch


Wrestler Finishing move
Big Show Chokeslam / W.M.D. (Weapon of Mass Destruction) / Colossal Clutch
Chavo Guerrero Frog Splash / Gory Bomb / Brainbuster
Cody Rhodes/Stardust Cross Rhodes / Silver Spoon DDT / Dark Matter / Diamond Dust
Curt Hawkins Heatseeker / Laugh Riot / Taste of Pain
Dolph Ziggler Zig Zag / Sleeper with bodyscissors / Superkick
Hornswoggle Tadpole Splash / Sweet Shin Music / Lepreton Bomb
Jack Swagger Gutwrench Powerbomb / Patriot Lock / Red, White and Blue Powerbomb
Kane Chokeslam / Tombstone Piledriver
Kofi Kingston S.O.S. / Trouble in Paradise
Layla Lay-Out / Bombshell
Rey Mysterio 619
Rosa Mendes Hell Makeover
The Undertaker Tombstone Piledriver / Hell's Gate / The Last Ride / Chokeslam
Vance Archer Scoop Lift Snap Inverted DDT

Wade Barrett

Wasteland / Bull Hammer



Sami zayn/el genrico:Hellova kick koji clutch BRAINNNNNNBUWSTAAAAA

Kevin owins:Lights out

corry graves (retired):lucky 13

bull dempsey:diveing headbutt


brian kendrick:sliced bread

hideo itami:shotgun kick



Wrestler Finishing move
Abyss Black Hole Slam / Shock Treatment
A.J. Styles Styles Clash / Spiral Tap / Calf Killer
Alex Shelley WA4 / Border City Stretch / Shelly Clutch / Sliced Bread #2
Alissa Flash
Amazing Red 718 / Code Red / Infared / Red Eye / Red Star Press
Angelina Love Break A Bitch
Awesome Kong Awesome Bomb (Sitout Powerbomb) / Diving Press / Implant Buster
Bobby Lashley Spear / Dominator / Right Handed Hook / Thrust Spinebuster / Dragon Sleeper
Brian Kendrick Sliced Bread #2
Brian Knobbs Running Powerslam
Brother Devon / Devon Saving Grace / Thrust Spinebuster
Bully Ray / Brother Ray Bully Bomb / Piledriver / Cutter / Powerbomb
Brutus Magnus / Magnus Cloverleaf / The Tormentum / Diving Elbow Drop
Chris Sabin All Hail Sabin / Cradle Shock / Over Easy
Consequences Creed (Now Xavier Woods) Lost In The Woods / Tornado DDT / Monti Fisto
D'Angelo Dinero DDE / Double Knee Facebreaker 
Christopher Daniels B.M.E. (Best Moonsault Ever) / Angel Wings / Last Rites
Desmond Wolfe
Doug Williams Bombs Away / Chaos Theory / Revolution DDT / Guillotine Choke
Dr. Stevie (Richards) Stevie Kick / Stevie Bomb / Stevie Stretch / Stevie T / General Anesthesia

Eric Young

Elbow Drop / Spike Piledriver / Youngblood Neckbreaker / Death Valley Driver / Showstopper / Bridging Northern Suplex
Ethan Carter III One Percenter
Hernandez Border Toss
Homicide Gringo Cutter / Da Gringo Killer / Frog Splash
James Storm Last Call Superkick
Jay Lethal Diving Dynamite / Hail To The King / Lethal Injection / Release Dragon Suplex
Jeff Jarrett The Stroke / Guitar Strike
Ken Anderson Mic Check / Kenton Bomb / Green Bay Plunge
Kevin Nash Jacknife Powerbomb
Kurt Angle Angle Slam / Ankle Lock
Lacey Von Erich
Madison Rayne Rayne Check / Spear / Rayne Drop
Matt Jackson
Matt Morgan Carbon Footprint / Hellevator / Fireman's Carry Facebuster
Mick Foley Mr. Socko / Double Arm DDT
Nick Jackson
O.D.B Bam / Running Powerslam / Dirty Dozen / Trailer Park Shooter / Wrist-Lock Scoop Slam
Orlando Jordan Black Ice / Blackout / Orlando Magic
Raven Evenflow DDT
Rhino Gore
Ric Flair Figure 4 Leglock
Rob Terry Freakbuster / Running Powerslam
Robert / Bobby Roode Double R Spinebuster / Arm Trap Crossface / Roode Bomb
Samoa Joe Muscle Buster / Island Driver / Coquina Clutch
Shannon Moore Halo / Mooregasm
Shark Boy DSD / Shark-canrana / Chummer
Sheik Abdul Bashir
Sojourner Bolt
SoCal Val
Suicide / Manik Dead On Arrival / Elevated double chickenwing dropped into a double knee gutbuster / Rivera Cloverleaf
Tara Widow's Peak
Taylor Wilde
Tomko Backbreaker Rack Dropped into A Neckbreaker
Taz Tazmission (Kata Hajime) / Tazmission Plex
Traci Brooks
Velvet Sky Sit-out Double Underhook Facebuster
Willie Urbina Sit-out Double Underhook Facebuster

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