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Lisa Fury (November 24, 1982) is an English professional wrestler. She works primarily as an independent wrestler throughout various promotions held throughout the United Kingdom.


Debuting in September 2002, Lisa began her work in the independent promotions of the United Kingdom. Her most extensive work has been with promotions All Star Wrestling (ASW), New Wrestling Entertainment (NWE). She has also worked one known match for the American promotion World Wrestling Entertainment before resuming her work back on the independent circuit.

Personal life

Lisa is a second-generation wrestler. Her grandfather Tony Fury was a wrestler most known from the 1950s. It was accounts shared with Lisa by her family about her grandfather's career in wrestling that sparked her interest in the sport.

In wrestling

  • Signature Moves
  • Sidewalk Slam
  • Spinebuster
  • Facebuster

Championships and accomplishments

  • VdB Damen Europameisterschaft Championship

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