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Like You Want is a theme song used by Christina Von Eerie.

Theme Lyrics

I'm gonna give it to you, baby, like you want, oh yea
I know that it's gonna move ya, seduce ya
Now give me everything that you've got
You move me, searching high, searching low
And all in between
Come up and see me if you know what I mean
I'm gonna give it to you, baby, like you want

I've got action, adventure, yea, just like you need, oh yea
I know that it'll amaze ya, elate ya
To satisfy is my guarantee
Don't believe the lies that they write in the music magazine
Get up and ride like I was Stephen McQueen
I'm gonna give it to you... just like you want
C'mon! C'mon! Get up!

I'm gonna give it to you, baby, like you want (3x)

Just like you want

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