The eighth Leyenda de Azul tournament took place on October 12, 2012 on CMLL's Super Viernes show. The match included 16 wrestlers in total and saw Diamante Azul win the tournament.

# Eliminated Eliminated by Time
1 Misterioso, Jr. Brazo de Plata
2 Diamante Euforia
3 Kráneo Diamante Azul
4 Brazo de Plata El Terrible
5 Rush El Terrible (double elimination)
5 El Terrible Rush (double elimination)
7 Marco Corleone Euforia and Último Guerrero
8 Tama Tonga Atlantis and Shocker
9 Shocker Mr. Águila
10 Euforia La Sombra
11 Mr. Águila Atlantis
12 La Sombra Volador, Jr.
13 Atlantis Último Guerrero
14 Volador Jr. Diamante Azul
15 Último Guerrero Diamante Azul
16 Winner Diamante Azul

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