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Release date Real Name Ring Name(s) Notes References
N/A Brett Barton Bam Bam Barton
N/A Brian Joseph Myers Curt Hawkins
N/A Christopher Robillard Mordetzky Chris Masters
N/A Dan Lawrence Danny Chase
N/A Dave Green Dave Andrews
N/A Simon James Musk El Ligero
N/A James Hill Jimmy Meadows
N/A Kirsty Love Mcluskey Kirsty Love
N/A Barri Griffiths Mason Ryan
N/A Mark Haskins Mark Haskins
N/A Marty Scurll Marty Scurll
N/A Mark Massa Mark Massa
N/A Max Angelus Max Angelus
N/A Paul Brand Paul Malen
N/A Alexander Cooper Xander Cooper
N/A Sean Waltman X-Pac

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