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Victor Manuel Resendiz Ruiz (October 25, 1967) is a Mexican actor and former wrestler working for Asistencia Asesoría y Administración (AAA) in Mexico. He is better known by his ring name Latin Lover. He was sometimes criticized by Hispanics who watched a translated rerun of WWF Monday Night RAW on Telemundo, to be the Mexican ripoff of Shawn Michaels' in-ring persona as a Heel. This is mainly because of his nickname, as they're related in some way, and because they both use the same finishing move. In 2005, he competed in and won Bailando por un Sueño. He announced his retirement on January 26 after a serious injury requiring surgery.

Professional wrestling career

Victor Resendiz Ruiz made ​​his professional debut in 1992 at the Solidarity Arena in his hometown of Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico faces the team of Russian Command, Son of Solitude and Butcher Canada. Resendiz debuted under the name of "Latin Lover", a name that has been used since. Originally a Latin Lover Masked, or masked character, but lost the match on Fights Betting (bet match) against Team Sangre Chicana and El Bloody August 1, 1992 . After the loss of the Latin Lover mask briefly worked for the World Wrestling Council (CMLL) and in several shows in the Mexican independent circuit . In 1994 signed a contract to join Asesoría y Administración (AAA) Assistance and soon became a fighter appears in the center of the card. Latin Lover was quickly partnered with another charismatic young fighter by the name of Heavy Metal and together won the Mexican National Tag Team Championship from The Destroyers (Tony Arce and Volcano) on September 9, 1994 . The team held the title for 82 days before losing strength Guerrera and Juventud Guerrera on December 2, 1994. After failing to regain the titles Latin Lover began teaming with Panterita place the Ring, The Warriors by defeating the team title on June 1, 1995. Lover and Panterita successfully defended the title against The Warriors and Blue Panther and Heavy Metal before losing the titles back to The Warriors on September 18, 1995 . While there was a Latin Lover repetoir limited when it comes to wrestling, his good looks and dance moves made ​​him the favorite of fans, especially women in the audience, keeps him in AAA ranking. On September 9, 1996 Latin Lover won the Mexican 

National Light Heavyweight Championship by defeating the Scarlet Pimpernel . The February 15, 1997, Latin Lover defeated Pierroth, Jr. to become a double champion as he won the AAA Champion of Champions Campeonato.En February 21, 1997 Latin Lover Mask Sagrada Jr. defeated Jerry Estrada and murderer to earn a place in the final of the 1997 King of Kings. Lover would defeat Heavy Metal, Héctor Garza, Octagon to win the tournament and become the King of Kings 1997 (Spanish for "King of Kings") On May 12, 1997 Cyber ​​defeated him to win the title of Champion of Champions. three days later, Latin Lover also lost the Lightweight Championship of Mexico Peso 252 

days after the title. In late 1999 Latin Lover would win both the Mexican National Heavyweight Championship and recover the Mexican National Light Heavyweight Championship, becoming a double champion again. He only had the light heavyweight title 105 days before losing to Sangre Chicana on February 1, 2000. Due to persistent knee injuries Latin Lover schedule in 2000 and 2001 decreased to select only appearances. 

On May 5, 2002 – 929 days after winning the title of Latin Lover finally lost the Mexican National Heavyweight Championship to Héctor Garza. The March 21, 2003, received a match against NWA World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Jarrett, but lost him in the City 

of Mexico . The match was the result of a working relationship between AAA and Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA) and Latin Lover was chosen to represent the AAA card.

Personal life

Resendez is the father of four children and has a degree in Business Administration and a Master of Science in Marketing, is striper at private parties, an actor, underwear model, and for the moment he is studying to become a  professional actor. 

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