Lane Vasser is an American wrestler featured primarily on the National Wrestling Alliance promotion Anarchy Wrestling. While in NWA Arnarchy Wrestling, Vasser became Anarchy Tag Team Champion with Se7en.

Professional Wrestling Career

Vasser trained with Slim J. and made his officially-recorded in-ring debut in February 2010 for Anarchy Wrestling. Since then he went on to wrestle for this promotion, joining the NWA Elite stable and capturing the Anarchy Tag Team titles with Se7en. Vasser formed a tag team with Johnny Dangerous called Armed and Dangerous. During his tenure with Anarchy Wrestling, he defended the tag titles with fellow NWA Elite member Bryan Casanova. His last Anarchy Wrestling match was on May 12, 2012 in a tag match with Se7en, losing to Slim J and Nemesis.

Personal life

Vasser has a mother named Jan and has a younger brother named Chase who as of 2009 plays football at the University of Georgia. Outside of wrestling, Vasser works as a personal bodyguard.

Wrestling facts

  • Tag Teams

Championships and accomplishments

  • Anarchy Tag Team Championship (with Se7en)

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