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Ladder Match is a DVD made by WWE

Disc One

Introductions by Todd Grisham
Todd Grisham on taking it to another level
Todd Grisham with the Icon of Ladder Matches, Shawn Michaels
Todd Grisham Afraid of Heights
Todd Grisham Surprised by Jeff Hardy
Todd Grisham Serves it up with Edge
Gregory Helms Steals the Spotlight

Disc Two

Todd Grisham Explains the Danger of the Ladder
Chris Benoit on Paying the Price
Todd Grisham Avoiding the Curse of Jeff Hardy
Kane's Therapy

Disc Three

Todd Grisham Fixing the Light Bulb with Shelton Benjamin
Todd Grisham Interrupted by Edge
Todd Grisham Discussed TLC with Ric Flair
Todd Grisham Defining the moment of John Cena
Todd Grisham Climbing the Ladder to Success

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