"The Evolution" Kriss Sprules (April 9, 1985) is a retired British professional wrestler and wrestling journalist. He is known for his involvement with various independent promotions, most notably OPWO and UCW. He is, perhaps, best remembered for being the head booker of OPWO from 2004-2006.

Sprules' was a regular contributor to Piledriver Magazine from 2004-2005.


Sprules' career as a professional wrestler began with training under Anton Green in 2003, at the EPW school in West Malling, Kent. Later, he would go on to train with UCW in Trowbridge, Wiltshire under the tutelage of "The Gangster" and later Jake "The Snake" Roberts. Sprules made his in-ring debut for UCW at an outdoor show in April 2004, He would later go on to participate in several more matches for UCW, and even filled-in as the company's ring announcer on one occasion. In UCW, he served as one-third of The Empire alongside Melicious and Checkmate.

In September 2004, Sprules moved to Middlesbrough, Teesside for university and began training with 3PW under Dragon Aisu. It was whilst at university that Sprules received an offer from Melicious to wrestle for - and become head booker of - OPWO.

The promotion's debut show, Scorn, would see Sprules wrestle Cage Tyler in a match that would be named 'Worst Match of 2005' by the UKFF. Later that night, he also interfered to assist Alex Shane in overcoming Declan O'Connor and Exodus to become the first-ever OPWO Heavyweight Champion. This was particularly remarkable due to their well-known real-life rivalry.

OPWO's second show, Breakdown, was perhaps the best-received in the company's history, seeing Dragon Aisu take on Danny Devine in the first-ever Calgary Death Match, a match concept conceived by Sprules. Despite his involvement in the booking of the show, he didn't appear on the event.

He would, however, return to the ring briefly on OPWO's final show, losing by forfeit to Checkmate and reuniting The Empire as he assisted his partner to the finals of a tournament for the vacant OPWO Heavyweight Title.

He attempted to train for a comeback in 2009 with BAWA, but a recurring knee injury quickly halted his progress and caused him to abandon comeback hopes.


Since retiring in 2006, Sprules has been involved in several attempts to launch new promotions in both the UK and USA. He's also been active as a journalist, covering wrestling, music and soccer. He and Melicious dated from 2004-2007, and have two children from that relationship.

Sprules now resides in Oxford, England, working as a bartender and freelance Marketing Consultant.

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