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Krev was a professional wrestler who competed with Wigan-based organization Grand Pro Wrestling as part of the team Kev & Krev in the early 2000s.

Krev's steely determination and Krev's flashy dancing entrance helped cement their reputation as fan favorites despite their inability to get into the ring. The team of Kev & Krev only participated in two matches before being removed from the active GPW roster. They were the focus of a Facebook fan campaign "bring back Kev and Krev" which failed due to lack of interest from all parties concerned.

Krev retired in 2006 after a neck injury sustained after a piledriver through a table delivered by Kirs Travis on 18 March 2006 at the event Hold Tight The injury was worsened the next month by a simple neck breaker delivered by Mil-Anfield Connection member Danny Hope at the event A Few Good Men.

After making one of return for the Old Meets New Rumble in 2008 Krev has since disappeared from the British wrestling scene. Little is known about Krev's real life as during his tenure as a member of the GPW roster he held kayfabe very seriously and never removed his signature blue mask till a safe distance from the venue. It is believed that this along with his strange personality, bad hygiene and lack of any natural talent is what kept him from succeeding with-in the company.

In wrestling

  • Finishers
  • The Pounce
  • Signature moves
  • "The Job"
  • Entrance Music
  • Haddaway - What Is Love
  • Nicknames
  • Job Monkey, Squash McKenzie, "Not So" Gorgeous George
  • Teams and stables
  • Kev 'n Krev

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