Kingston & Langston was a professional wrestling tag team that consists of Kofi Kingston and Big E Langston.


Background as enemies (2013)

Big E and Kofi have both held the Intercontinental Championship at separate times, and have repeatedly clashed as enemies.

February 17 at Elimination Chamber (2013) when Dolph Ziggler defeated Kofi, Langston attacked him. This continued over the next month, as on March 13 when Kofi was taking on Dolph Ziggler, Big E was in Dolph's corner (along with AJ Lee and similarly made times tough for Kofi.

On October 4 Kingston defeated Langston in a match.

Rivals evolving into a team (2014)

On February 3rd they formed a team and aided Rey Mysterio in taking on The Shield but did not manage to win.

On March 28, 2014 at Raleigh NC, in spite of teaming before, Kofi and Big E were opponents as they vied against Miz for the IC title.

On July 20 at Battleground 2014, Langston came to the aid of Kingston. Both were involved in feuds with Antonio Cesaro preceding the event. Cesaro had defeated Kingston then Langston and brutalized each after the match. The following night, they finally teamed up once more on July 21 where they lost to RybAxel. On July 22 they defeated Slater Gator.

They were motivated to team up by the encouragement of Xavier Woods, who initially took on a managerial role until the trio took an absence from the main shows until returning as the New Day stable.

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