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King of the Ring 1988 was the fourth King of the Ring tournament which took place on October 16, 1988 in Providence, Rhode Island.


First Round

Flag Match

Quaterfinal Round

Semifinal Round

Final Round

Tournament Brackets

  First Round Quarterfinals Semifinals Final
 Ken Patera Pin  
 Nikolai Volkoff 10:20  
   Ken Patera Pin  
   Ted DiBiase 5:42  
 Brutus Beefcake Pin
 Ted DiBiase 7:32  
   Ted DiBiase Forfeit  
   Ron Bass  
 The Barbarian DQ  
 Ron Bass 7:02  
   Ron Bass Pin
   Shawn Michaels 7:39  
 Danny Davis Pin
 Shawn Michaels 3:37  
   Ted DiBiase CO
   Randy Savage 6:11
 Bad News Brown DCO  
 Hercules 6:05  
   Randy Savage    
 Randy Savage Pin
 Virgil 5:43  
   Randy Savage Pin
   The Red Rooster 7:21  
 Marty Jannetty Pin  
 The Red Rooster 11:00  
   The Red Rooster Sub
   Iron Mike Sharpe 3:27  
 Mike Sharpe Pin
 Boris Zhukov 6:27  

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