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King of the Ring 1986 was the second King of the Ring tournament held on July 14, 1986 in Foxborough, Massachusetts.


Tournament Brackets

  First Round Quarterfinals Semifinals Final
   Mr. X    
     Billy Jack Haynes    
 Billy Jack Haynes  
 Iron Sheik    
   Billy Jack Haynes    
   Harley Race CO  
 Harley Race DQ  
 George Steele    
   Harley Race  
 Don Muraco Draw
 Roddy Piper 20:00  
   Harley Race  
   Pedro Morales  
 Nikolai Volkoff    
 Dan Spivey    
   Nikolai Volkoff Sub
     The Junkyard Dog    
 Junkyard Dog DQ
 Paul Orndorff    
   Nikolai Volkoff  
   Pedro Morales    
 Pedro Morales    
 Rudy Diamond    
   Pedro Morales  
     Mike Rotundo    

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