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Kevin Brittingham (November 26, 1974) is an American professional wrestling commentator, currently signed to First State Championship Wrestling.


First State Championship Wrestling

For years, Kevin Brittingham has been the Voice of 1CW.

In early 2015, Brittingham was the lead play-by-play announcer on the short-lived 1CW TV show on WMDT47 Salisbury, alongside color commentator J. J. Dillon.

302 Pro Wrestling (2016-present)

Since February 6, 2016, Brittingham has been appearing in 302 Pro Wrestling, where he is the booker and on-screen general manager.

Personal life

Brittingham is a fan of the Baltimore Orioles and the Dallas Cowboys.

In wrestling

  • Nicknames
    • "The Voice of 1CW"
    • "The Voice of 302"

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