Kenta Kobashi (March 27, 1967) is a Japanese former professional wrestler. Debuting in 1988, Kobashi worked almost solely for Japanese promotions including All Japan Pro Wrestling, Diamond Ring, New Japan Pro Wrestling and Pro Wrestling NOAH. Outside of Japanese promotions, Kobashi also worked for Ring Of Honor and World League Wrestling. After 25 years, Kobashi retired on May 11, 2013.

Wrestling facts

  • Finishing and signature moves
    • Burning Hammer (reverse Death Valley Bomb), sometimes with a wrist-clutch setup
    • Gouwan / Burning Lariat
    • Various chops
      • Knife-edge
      • Kesa-giri (chop to the base of the neck)
    • Moonsault Press
    • Orange Crush (vertical suplex powerbomb)
    • Jackknife Powerbomb / Power Jack (powerbomb transitioned into a bridging jackknife pin)
    • Stretch Bomb / Kentucky Bomb (pump-handle powerbomb)
    • Real Brainbuster (Delayed vertical brainbuster)
    • Half Nelson Suplex
    • Sleeper Suplex
    • Texas cloverleaf hold - Adopted from Terry Funk
    • Rolling cradle - Adopted from Terry Funk
  • Nicknames
    • "Orange Crush"
    • "Burning"
    • "Mister Pro Wrestling"
    • "Zettai Ouja" (Absolute Champion)
    • "Tetsujin" (Iron Man)

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