Glen Jacobs has wrestled under the Kane gimmick - the "younger half-brother" of The Undertaker - since 1997. During the 15 years since, many aspects of Kane's character have been used to advance feuds and angles, including his relationships with his "family" (in particular the Undertaker), his mental stability, his physical appearance, being the frequent target of ridicule and unrequited relationships with various women.

Prior to wrestling as Kane, Jacobs wrestled for WWE under two gimmicks:

  • Dr. Isaac Yankem DDS, an evil dentist who was employed by Jerry Lawler during his mid-1990s feud with Bret Hart. (Kane said in various interviews he hated the "Isaac Yankem" gimmick)
  • Fake Diesel. The "Diesel" gimmick had been trademarked by what was then the World Wrestling Federation, and Jacobs was given this gimmick when the original 'Big Daddy Cool' Diesel, or Kevin Nash, left the WWE in 1996. Jacobs was teamed with Rick Bogner (who performed as "Razor Ramon" after Scott Hall also left) to perform as "Diesel" and "Razor Ramon". This gimmick was unpopular with fans and was quickly dropped.