Kait-Man were a mixed tag team and romantic couple formed on NXT Redemption by Derrick Bateman and Kaitlyn. They were named by Josh Matthews alongside CurtiMax, as both teams formed from the ashes of BateMax.


Back when Maxine was dating Derrick Bateman, it was revealed that one of her exes (besides Hornswoggle, an achievement she shares with AJ) was Johnny Curtis. Curtis, through trickery, attempted to break up the relationship by creating misunderstandings and bribing superstars to lie about Derrick's misbehavior.

All the while, Bateman appeared to be suffering emotional turmoil and earned Kaitlyn's empathy, who did not appear to appreciate how Maxine treated her boyfriend.

For a long time Kaitlyn had insisted that she was only Derrick's friend, but this changed at the intervention.


Alicia Fox (Maxine's pro in NXT season 3), Capetown Werewolf (a happy bachelor) and Kaitlyn (Derrick's friend) discussed their opinion that he was in an abusive relationship.

They then aired a series of clips from past NXT episodes showing Kaitlyn physically attacking and berating Bateman.

Maxine then confronted Kaitlyn, saying that she was trying to take Bateman away from her as her own. Bateman initially denied this, but Kaitlyn then made her feelings clear by kissing him.

Maxine and Derrick's relationship survived most of this, but finally went south when she turned her eyes on William Regal, driving him into Kaitlyn's arms.

He finally kissed her back and formed a new power couple.


The Matthews-named "Kaitman" then went on to compete as a tag team couple against "CurtiMax". Curtis and Maxine later accused the Kaitman couple of kidnapping Matt Striker from them (as they had already kidnapped him previously) and holding him for ransom, but the pair denied this.

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