Studio Kaiju is an American performance entertainment troupe based in Boston, Massachusetts created by Rand Borden and David Borden. The studio's performances, which are called Big Battels, are parodies of both professional wrestling and the tokusatsu kaiju movies of Japan. These battels are presented in the style of professional wrestling events, with the costumed performers playing the roles of giant, city-crushing monsters similar to Godzilla and Gamera. The misspelling of "Battel" is intentional, due to a misprint of an early T-shirt design. In-jokes are plentiful and are aimed towards fans of professional wrestling (especially Lucha libre Mexican wrestling), superhero comic books and Japanese popular culture. Many of the names of the characters are in mock-Spanish or mock-Japanese, and Engrish is used liberally for comedic effect.

Championships and accomplishments

Championship Champion(s) Defeated Date Won Location Event
Kaiju Grand Championship Neo Teppen Uchu Chu June 7, 2008 New, York, New York Escape to New York
Kaiju Double Danger Tandem Championship (Grudyin & Tucor)
(American Beetle and Neo Teppen)
August 1, 2008 Podunk, Idaho Podunk Battel Madness
Meisterschaft-Riemen Uchu Chu Herr Kraftprotz Unknown, 2008 Fiolent Stadium, Simferopol Euro-Battel 2008

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