Junkenstein is the second episode of Hulk Hogan's Rock 'n' Wrestling


When Junkyard Dog is reading the story of Frankenstein to Andre The Giant, Andre gets scared and trashes JYD's home, the book gives JYD the idea to make a robotic cleaner. When he succeeds, he uses a cassette to operate it, when the robot does a terrific job, JYD gets an idea to mass-produce the robot by making others using the cassettes, but Andre accidently puts in a tape of Roddy Piper and the robot goes on a rampage. JYD and Andre try to capture the robot and turn it back to normal but nothing works, until JYD gets the idea to use the one thing that Piper hates more than anything: Rock music. When the robot is defeated, JYD and Andre take it back to the junkyard. Later that night, JYD reads Andre the story of Dracula and tries to scare Andre by saying he could modify the robot to make it into a vampire. Andre says "I'm going to Superfly's, where it's safe" and runs off, JYD admits that he was kidding but the robot starts to grow vampire fangs.

Live Action Scenes

Opening Scene: When a woman leaves her keys in her car, Nikolai Volkoff comes over and shows her how to get her keys out "The Russian Way" by ripping the car door off and grabbing the keys, when the woman complains that Nikolai ruined her car, he fixes it by putting the door back. When he opens it, the door is fine.

Closing Scene: Fabulous Moohlah showing people how to apply a mud mask


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