The June 3, 2014 Edition of Main Event is a Professional wrestling television show of the WWE, it was shown live on the WWE Network at the U.S. Bank Arena in Cincinnati, Ohio on June 3, 2014.


Newly crowned Intercontinental Champion Bad News Barrett kicked off the night by crowing over his victory against Rob Van Dam at WWE Payback and spewing insults at the former champion. Hearing enough, RVD charged the ring to send Barrett into retreat before their Intercontinental Title rematch later in the night. But Cesaro had big plans for how he thought the night should end.

With his brother Cody Rhodes watching the action from backstage, Goldust partnered with Kofi Kingston to take on two-thirds of The Wyatt Family. Though Erick Rowan & Luke Harper dominated for most of the bout, Kingston battled back and held his own against Harper. But just when things looked promising for Goldust & Kingston, Harper stopped Trouble in Paradise with a well-timed clothesline. Cody was visibly frustrated after the loss as the search for his replacement as his brother's tag team partner continues.

Despite his always relaxed demeanor, RVD assured the WWE Universe that a fire still burns within him and promised a victory in his rematch against Bad News Barrett. But it was the champion who came out swinging with a straight-ahead style that had RVD on the defensive for most of the bout. As the personal battle continued, six-time Intercontinental Champion RVD dropped Barrett with a swift kick to the head and went to the top rope for a potential aerial assault. But the four-time Intercontinental Champion managed to get to his feet and knock RVD from his perch. Then, just when Barrett was looking to land the Bad News Bull Hammer Elbow, Cesaro charged into the ring and dropped him with a Neutralizer. The Swiss Superman then hit RVD with the same brutal maneuver for good measure, as a smug Paul Heyman looked on in approval of his client's huge statement.


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