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The July 31, 2007 Edition of ECW was a televised Professional wrestling show by the WWE's ECW brand that took place on July 31, 2007 at the US Airways Center in Phoenix, Arizona.


Numbers in parentheses indicate the length of the match.
(c) refers to the champion(s) heading into the match.
  • ECW World Champion John Morrison pinned an unknown in a non-title match with the corkscrew neckbreaker at the 20-second mark
  • Prior to the bout, Morrison cut an in-ring promo on his weekly open challenge, ran down Phoenix' sports teams, and then brought out his opponent for the night; pre-match stipulations stated if Morrison's opponent could beat him or last 15 minutes then he would get a title shot
  • After the match, Morrison offered a fan from the crowd to face him, with Tommy Dreamer then appearing, saying he wanted the ECW title more than anything, and he could beat him
  • Elijah Burke then appeared, said Dreamer was past his prime, and Morrison needed an opponent that possessed Burke's qualities
  • CM Punk then appeared and said, though Morrison said he was done with Punk, Punk challenged Morrison to face him in a non-title match and if he could last 15 minutes or beat him then he would get the title shot
  • Morrison then told Burke, Punk, and Dreamer to face off later in the night with the winner getting the chance to face him in a non-title match the following week and if that person could beat him or last 15 minutes then he would earn a title shot
  • After the bout, The Boogeyman appeared and climbed in the ring, scaring V and Striker to the floor
  • Boogeyman's surprise return after a several week absence andBoogeyman's debut with a new facepaint design
  • Mike Mizanin (w/ Kelly Kelly, Brooke, & Layla) pinned Balls Mahoney with the kneelift and neckbreaker at 1:47; prior to the bout, Extreme Expose performed an in-ring dance segment to Michael Jackson's "The Way You Make Me Feel" before Layla introduced Mizanin for his match
  • CM Punk defeated Elijah Burke and Tommy Dreamer at around the 12:30 mark by pinning Burke with the Go To Sleep after Dreamer was knocked to the floor; after the bout, Dreamer raised Punk's hand in victory; due to pre-match stipulations, Punk earned a non-title match with ECW World Champion John Morrison the following week and if Punk won that match or lasted the full 15 minutes he would receive a title shot

Other Segments

  • Included the return of the "Let the Bodies Hit the Floor" opening music package
  • Featured a Big Daddy V vignette
  • Included a "Don't Try this At Home" vignette
  • Featured a CM Punk vignette
  • Included a Tommy Dreamer vignette, followed by a backstage promo by Elijah Burke regarding his participation in the night's main event
  • Featured a Triple H vignette promoting his return at Summer Slam:


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