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Josh Mathews and Mike "The Miz" Mizanin are a commentator team for World Wrestling Entertainment. They also formerly hosted the weekly Wednesday night broadcast of WWE Main Event.


Josh Matthews and The Miz are the first solid commentator team for WWE Main Event since its first airing in 2012. Before teaming with Mizanin, Josh Mathews shared the broadcast desk with several guest hosts including John Bradshaw Layfield, Alex Riley, Wade Barrett, Cody Rhodes and Ricardo Rodriguez. During June 2013, Matthews teamed with The Miz in broadcast duties for WWE Main Event. Contrary to previous commentator teams in past shows and events in WWE, Matthews and Mizanin surprisingly get along well. Matthews easily draws from The Miz's in-ring knowledge while the Miz prides himself on enhancing Matthew's play-by-play calls as well as adding a certain charisma The Miz believes only he can bring to any broadcast team. At times when The Miz is expected to wrestle during Main Event, Matthews oftentimes calls the matches alone or with a temporary guest commentator (usually a rival of The Miz).

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