Jose Estrada, Jr. is an American former professional wrestler. He was involved in one of the more ill-fated angles in World Wrestling Federation history - the infamous stable wars of late 1997.


World Wrestling Federation (1997-1998)

Debuting in 1997, Estrada played a member of Savio Vega's faction, Los Boricuas. He lost to future WWE Champion, Edge, in Edge's television debut match with the WWF in 1998. Estrada broke his neck after trying to catch Edge's somersault plancha, resulting in a premature count-out. By the end of 1998, he was no longer employed by the company, as all of Los Boricuas had been released. He later appeared in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. Today, Estrada is a correctional officer with the special operations team in Florida. He lives in Tampa and is married with two children.


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