Jonny Ferrari is a professional poker player and professional wrestling manager hailing from Las Vegas.

Originally known mainly for being a success in the poker industry, Jonny has in recent years ventured into the managing scene. From his success in poker, Jonny has proved to be a valuable and beneficial manager for stars such as EC3. Jonny has also clashed swords with wrestling veteran Matt Hardy. Following a game of poker in a wrestling ring (which Jonny won), Hardy made sure Jonny received a swift Twist of Fate. Jonny has received various tips from wrestling legend Jimmy Hart. Jimmy even sent Jonny a custom megaphone.

Jonny Ferrari has appeared at OMEGA Night of a Champion on February 28, 2015 in North Carolina as a manager for EC3, and also managed EC3 the following week at FBW's "Celtic Clash" in Brooklyn in victory against JT Dunn. That same night, Ferrari made his surprise debut for Tommy Dreamer's House of Hardcore promotion at HOH 8 at the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia, managing during a 6-Man tag and getting into an altercation with ECW legend Mikey Whipwreck. He would go on to manage EC3 to yet another victory at OMEGA Chaos in Cameron 2, before managing PJ Black (fka Justin Gabriel) at RONIN 8, only to turn on him and lend Mr. 450 the victory. This would lead to Ferrari managing AJ Styles against PJ at HOG High Intensity 4 in a dream match. PJ destroyed Jonny's megaphone, but Ferrari would manage AJ to the victory nonetheless.

About Jonny

Not only a great wrestling and poker mind, Jonny wrote an in-depth article about the resurgence of online poker in a Pulitzer prize winning newspaper, the Las Vegas Sun. Jonny has recently opened a US legal poker site, . Ferrari is also a cast member on the national reality show Superstars Vs. Pros. Many scenes of the show are filmed in Jonny's penthouse arcade. Currently, Ferrari is based out of Indonesia where he is credited for starting the "live casino" phenomenon, featuring him in a great amount of related media. Also recently he finished 1st place in a poker stars Macau Tournament and is the current National Poker Tour United States Champion.


  • AJ Styles
  • EC3
  • PJ Black
  • Brian Cage
  • Mr. 450
  • James Storm
  • Mr. Pectacular
  • Kenny King
  • Ben Ortiz
  • Robbie E

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