Jim Crockett, Jr. (August 10, 1944 in Charlotte, North Carolina) was a professional wrestling promoter and the owner of the NWA's Jim Crockett Promotions, and also part of the Charlotte O's, a minor-league baseball team in Charlotte, NC.


Jim Crockett, Jr. took over the ownership of Jim Crockett Promotions when his father Jim Crockett died in 1973. The first thing that Crockett did was rename the promotion. It changed from Eastern States Championship Wrestling to Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling. He also got his company a television show that lasted until 1991. In 1980, he was elected to his first term as NWA President, which ended in 1982.

Crockett had a working relationship with Maple Leaf Wrestling, headed by Frank Tunney in Toronto, Ontario until 1983. Frank died and his nephew Jack Tunney switched his working agreement to Vince McMahon and the World Wrestling Federation. Crockett then formed a relationship with Verne Gagne and his American Wrestling Association to form Pro Wrestling USA. The relationship did not last very long.

Crockett was elected NWA President for a second term in 1985. He bought Ole Anderson's Georgia Championship Wrestling and Vince McMahon's Saturday night TV time slot and began to flourish. He started to use the name of Jim Crockett Promotions around this time and, by 1986, owned the Georgia and Central States territories.

Crockett was elected to a third term as NWA President in 1987. That same year he added Championship Wrestling from Florida and the Universal Wrestling Federation to his company (thus acquiring such talent as wrestler Sting and commentator Jim Ross). He promoted his company as the NWA, since he owned six NWA territories and was the NWA President, much to the confusion of fans.

In November 1988, Crockett was near bankruptcy and sold his company to Ted Turner, who renamed it World Championship Wrestling. Crockett stayed on as NWA President until 1991.

Crockett attempted a return to wrestling with a wrestling internet broadcast network in 1994 called the World Wrestling Network, which was short-lived. Crockett also brought the NWA back to the Dallas Sportatorium for an equally brief tenure during this time, after which he left the sport for good in 1995.


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