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Jesus Wears Me on a Cross: The Best of Ethan Page in AIW Vol. 1 is a DVD produced by Absolute Intense Wrestling.

Disc 1

  • GNO6: Eric Ryan VS. Ethan Page
  • JLIT12: Willie Mack VS. Page
  • EndOfTheWorld: AR Fox VS. Ethan Page
  • ComspiracyTheory: Ethan Page W/Seleziya Sparx VS. ACH
  • Gangsta: Ethan Page W/Seleziya Sparx VS. Josh Alexander

Disc 2

  • ABSO8: Ethan Page vs. Johnny Gargano
  • ABSO8: Ethan Page VS. Colin Delaney
  • HOE9: Ethan Page VS. Zema Ion
  • TGIF: Ethan Page W/Seleziya Sparx VS. Kevin Steen
  • JLIT2014: Ethan Page VS. Buff Bagwell
  • Abso9: Ethan PageVS. Gargano

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