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Jeremiah Plunkett (October 30, 1986) is an American independent wrestler. Plunkett works extensively throughout the southern-based promotions including United States Wrestling Organization, Showtime Allstar Wrestling, Traditional Championship Wrestling, and the well-known developmental territory Ohio Valley Wrestling.


Plunkett debuted professionally as JP Dangerously, and later Jay Phoenix, in July 2005. During the course of his career, Plunkett wrestled for various southeastern and midwestern independent promotions including NWA Southern All-Star Wrestling, Showtime All-Star Wrestling, Traditional Championship Wrestling, Chaos Pro Wrestling, and Ohio Valley Wrestling.

Plunkett also participated in the TNA Gut Check, held in Gainesville, GA during the September 2011 tryouts. Afterwards, Plunkett continued his work in OVW.

In wrestling

  • Finishing Moves
    • Killshot (knock out punch)
    • That Tennessee Move (piledriver)
    • Nashville Nightlife (sleeper hold)
    • Banned in Tennessee (avalanche piledriver)
    • Spike Gordbuster - with Drew Haskins (Front lift/elevation/and spike by Haskins, Gordbuster by Plunkett)
  • Tag Teams

Championships and accomplishments

  • NWA Southern Tag Team Championship (2 times with Drew Haskins)
  • NWA Television Championship
  • NWA Australian Heavyweight Championship

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