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Jennifer Thomas (October 15, 1973) is an American female professional wrestler who worked in WWE's developmental territory Ohio Valley Wrestling.

Career History

She got her start in wrestling as Kharma in Ultimate Pro Wrestling. She wrestled in other federations such as IPW. In September 2005, she started working for Deep South Wrestling as a manager for Jack Bull as well as an occasional wrestler. She received, and earned herself, a WWE tryout in December 2005. Since that date she hasn't made any appearance on Deep South Wrestling, LLC. She participated in April 2006 on a tour with Impact Zone Wrestling when they went over seas and competed in Korea, Japan. Jennifer wrestling as Kharma went against Morgan at all the shows. Jennifer returned to WWE developmental territory Ohio Valley Wrestling as Jennifer the ring attendant at OVW TV Tapings.

She appeared along with She Nay Nay and Cryme Tyme on the Lifestyle Of the Built and Dangerous video on WWE.COM.

In Wrestling

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