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Event history

The following is a collection of events that Jameson has participated in.


Adrenaline Unleashed "Extreme Thing 2009" - 2-11-09   Attacked by Tyshaun Watson

VCW "Wrestle for Hunger" 09'  - 11-22-09   lost to Doctrine Darko

FSW @ Silver Nugget Casino - 12-6-09  No Contest against Crash Test Cody, and lost FSW Battle Royal


VCW "Sunday Night Fix"  - 2-21-10   with Chameleon defeated Corey Phillips & Dancing Dragon

VCW "Sunday Night Fix" -  3-7-10 with Chameleon & Remy Marcel lost to Darko, FunnyBone, & Legacy

VCW "Birthday Special"-  3-13-10 with Chameleon lost to Fenix Alexander & Tommy Danja

VCW "Foundations" -  3-21-10  with Chameleon lost to Kid Showtime & Kid Vegas

VCW Sunday Night Fix -   4-4-10 with Chameleon lost to Major Maniac

VCW Sunday Night Fix - 5-2-10  with Chameleon in ring Promo.

VCW Sunday Night Fix - 5-16-10 with Chameleon attacked Fenix Alexander & HHT 

VCW Sunday Night Fix -  5-30-10 with Chameleon lost to Fenix Alexander & HHT

VCW Sunday Night Fix -  6-6-10 with Chameleon lost to Fenix & HHT, attacked Chameleon

VCW Sunday Night Fix - 6-27-10  lost to Chameleon

VCW Sunday Night Fix - 7-11-10  In ring Promo with Chameleon,  attacked by FunnyBone

VCW Sunday Night Fix - 8-8-10  Lost to Chameleon, attacked Vegas Nick. Quit VCW.


WAW "Rebirthing" - 3-31-11  won 20 Man Battle Royal to become WAW Champion (Colorado Springs)

3DW "Born to Bleed"  4-23-11 with Joey Image lost to Gods of Destruction (Sidney, New York)

WAW "Wreckage"  4-29-11  lost to Ryan Revere via DQ but retained WAW Championship (Colorado Springs)

AXPW "Xtreme Beginnings" 4-30-11  defeated Ryan Revere for the AXPW Championship (Colorado Springs)

ESWF Live Event - 5-6-11  in ring Promo & defeated Kaylee James via Spine Buster.(Buffalo, New York)

ESWF "Empire Strikes" - 5-14-11 defeated  Daniel Green for the ESWF Empire State Championship (New York)

ESWF Live Event - 5-22-11 with Kaylee James defeated ADE for ESWF Tag Titles (Buffalo, New York)

ESWF Live Event - 5-28-11 with Kaylee James lost the ESWF Tag Titles to ADE (Buffalo, New York)

WAW "Wreckage" - 6-4-11 lost WAW Title to AMT in "I Quit Match". In Ring Promo. (Colorado Springs)

AXPW Live Event - 6-5-11 lost AXPW Title to Ryan Revere in a Cage Match. *Injured* (Colorado Springs)

3DW "Shocker - 6-11-11 *While Injured* with Connection lost to Hilbilly Express (Endicott, New York)

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