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Justyn Michael Lindley (November 12,1991) is a former American professional wrestler and American actor better known as Justyn Michael. He is a current character on KGNG's "NoizeTV" where he portrays his wrestling gimmick in various story lines and skits.

He began his professional wrestling career in 2007 training under Kent Wilson at Adrenaline Unleashed, as one of the company's very first students. Lindley worked for several Nevada based companies in the early days of his career including Vegas Championship Wrestling, and Future Stars of Wrestling.

January 2011, Justyn moved to upstate New York, where he then began working for many East Coast based wrestling promotions over the next year.

Early 2012, he suffered a severe injury to his left knee, that would keep him out of action for some time.

Nightmare Creatures

As "DreamKiller" Jay Jameson, he worked VCW (Vegas Championship Wrestling) shows primarily in a tag team with called "Nightmare Creatures" Jay and his partner Chameleon starred in several headlining matches, involving many of the companies story lines. The team eventually disbanded shortly before VCW closed its doors in 2010.

3DW (New York)

April 2011 Justyn moved to New York and signed a wrestler's contract to 3DW. He debuted at 3DW's Born to Bleed 4-22-11 in Sidney, New York in a tag team match, teaming with Joey Image to take on The Gods of Destruction. Justyn tagged in Joey hoping for a hot tag from his fresh partner. Joey instead of attacking the other team turned around and tagged Justyn back into the match. This caused instant heat on Joey from the crowd. The God's of Destruction then hit several double team moves on Justyn for the win.He worked 3DW's "Shocker" event in June 2011 teaming with Chris Knievil and Johnny Kadilac to take on The Hilbilies and Super Bad. This would be his last match for the company due to pay issues.

Extreme Ring Action

After returning home to Las Vegas in 2012, Justyn opened several businesses. From tattoo shops, to graphic design studios, and even a gold prospecting store. Jason Lemke and Stacy Airwyke, who were business partners of Justyn in various industries, then opened a Las Vegas-based Wrestling Promotion with Justyn called Extreme Ring Action. On August 2, 2015 Extreme Ring Action (ERA) held it's first evet. Justyn made his in ring return at the event ERA "Extreme Arrival" defeating Big Vig in a one on one contest. August 17 of 2015, ERA announced Justyn as a trainer at the ERA Wrestling Academy. November 2015 ERA held a charity event for veterans at the American Legion Post 8 I'm Las Vegas, where Justyn alongside Austin Hale would defeat Michael Hyde and Paranormal (Better known as The Afflicted) December 27, 2015 Justyn allied himself with Michael Hyde, and Paranormal, joining The Afflicted after achieving a pin fall victory over Sinn Bodhi. The win over Sinn Bodhi, would make Justyn number one contender for the ERA Heavyweight Championship. March 28, 2016, Matt Cross defeated Justyn to retain the title, until general manager David Steele would restart the match, taking a heel turn, allowing Justyn to attack Cross from behind, and pick up a pin fall victory over Cross to become the new ERA Heavyweight Champion. Later that week, Justyn defended the title against Sinn Bodhi at the 2016 "Extreme Thing" sports and music festival. The company later went on hiatus due to personal issues between the founders.


At the 2016 Extreme Thing event, Justyn debuted in his first spot with NoizeTV. Alongside Michael Hyde, Justyn defeated NoizeTV hosts Shay and Stiffy, in what was a terribly hilarious match. This spot debuted in NoizeTV's first televised episode, in their first segment. Justyn returned to NoizeTV for Episode 4. "Para-Wrestling Activities" where he starred in an entire episode, and defeated his friends at Tonapah's Clown Motel and graveyard after their bodies were taken over by spirits. Justyn appeared on "Haunted & Alone" a Paranormal podcast, where the NoizeTV producers announced him as the Undisputed Champion of the Underworld. A title that he now defends against any and all challengers. Living or otherwise.

Personal life

Lindley spent several years working in and around the tattoo industry. He has decorated a large part of his body with tattoos, including full color portraits of his favorite wrestlers and inspirations covering most of his left leg. On the left side of his neck McConnell has the word "Je t'aime" (French for I love you) tattooed. This represents a close personal friend of his named Zoey, a talented artist that passed away in a traffic accident. Zoey loved the word, and incorporated it into many of her pieces.

Wrestling facts

  • Finishing and signature moves
  • Tombstone Piledriver
  • Hammered (Headlock Driver)
  • Last Shot (Snap Reverse STO)
  • Sit-out Spinebuster
  • Nicknames
  • "DreamKiller"
  • "The Nightmare"
  • "The Maniacal" 

Stables/Tag Teams

Championships and accomplishments


  • Undisputed Underworld Champion (1time) (Current)

Extreme Ring Action

  • ERA Heavyweight Champion (1 time)

American Xtreme Professional Wrestling

  • AXPW Hardcore Champion (2 times)

Word of Action Wrestling

  • WAW Heavyweight Champion (1 time)

Empire State Wrestling Federation

  • ESWF Empire State Champion (1 time) 
  • ESWF Tag Team Champion (3 times)  with Kayley James



  • "All American Nightmare" by Hinder
  • "Infected" by Bad Religion
  • "My Dick" by Mickey Avalon


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