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James Andrew Sopko-Allegretti (March 26, 1992) is a wrestler currently working for the Dedicated Wrestling Alliance where he is the reigning DWA Heavyweight Champion. Sopko-Allegretti first started training to become a wrestler in 2009 in the Xtreme Backyard Wrestling where he created the character James Sync. After XBW, he was signed to a Dedicated Wrestling Alliance talent contract. Sopko-Allegretti's DWA debut was on April 18, 2009 against Jackal, which he won.

Career history


Sopko-Allegretti first started training to become a wrestler in 2009 in the Xtreme Backyard Wrestling. Once he was placed into an in-ring role, Cena began using a biker character known as James Sync. Sync had a short run in XBW where he never did anything of note. In August 2009 the Dedicated Wrestling Alliance (DWA) signed him away from XBW, placing him under a talent contract.

Dedicated Wrestling Alliance (2009)


In August 2009, Sync signed a contract with the DWA under the ring name James Sync. In his first match with he company, he faced off against Alexander Saint and won by disqualification when he was hit with a kendo stick. At the first supershow of 2009, Hardcore Hell, Sync lost to Zombie in a TLC match. Sync would later face M.X.C. and defeat him to become the numbe rone contender for the DWA Heavyweight Championship. Sync cashed in his title shot at DWA Flatline in losing effort against the reigning champion, Ogre. Shortly after Flatline, Sync formed the Warriors of Damnation with Michael Bear. At DWA Horrorcore, Sync won a Fantastic Five-Way Battle Royal by making Ogre submit to become the DWA Heavyweight Champion.

Wrestling facts

  • Finishing moves
  • Signature moves
  • Tag teams and stables
  • Warriors of Damnation
  • Theme music

Championships and accomplishments

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