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Jack Claffey (born 1990), best known as Jack Gallagher is an English professional wrestler and mixed martial artist. He is perhaps best known for his appearances at Futureshock Wrestling and Grand Pro Wrestling where he has won the FSW Championship and GPW British Champion respectively. He is also an accomplished tag team competitor winning the Futureshock Tag Team Championship with Alex Cyanide as Lethal Dose.

Professional wrestling career

Training and debut

Jack Gallagher was trained by Alex Shane and the Futureshock staff. Gallagher made his professional wrestling debut as Jack Toxic on 4 November 2006 at Futureshock #11, teaming up with Alex Cyanide, Danny Hope and Kris Travis and defeated El Ligero, Charity, Faith and Jamal Lewis.

British independent circuit

Lethal Dose (2007-2009)

From the beginning of 2007, Toxic and Cyanide would continue to team up and eventually became Lethal Dose. They became a regular attraction at Futureshock, appearing on many shows. The team would have their first title shot at Grand Pro Wrestling's That's Entertainment when they took on WKD for the GPW Tag Team Championship. The team would travel to Real Deal Wrestling where in February and April, had to chances to become the RDW Tag Team Champions but lost both times. They then went to Hull to wrestle for New Generation Wrestling where they won all their matches. With this run of success, they returned to Futureshock at Futureshock #27 and defeated three other teams to become the first FSW Tag Team Champions. However, they would lose the titles to The Doogooders at Futureshock #29. they returned to GPW at Livin' On The Edge to take part in a number one contendership four way elimination match and lost. For the rest of 2009, they continued to team up but would find little championship success and split up.

Grand Pro Wrestling (2007-2012)

Gallagher, performing as Jack Toxic, made his singles debut at GPW West Park Fun Day and lost to Scarlett Web. Between March and April, Toxic tried to qualify for the Crazy Cruiser 8 2008 but would fail multiple times, however, he won the Last Chance Saloon battle royal and therefore qualified for the tournament. On 2 May, he lost El Ligero in quarter finals. At Justice For All, he defeated Bubblegum in a rumble qualifying match and would go on to be eliminated from the rumble on the same night which was won by Martin Kirby. At Guts & Glory, he returned under his real name, Jack Gallagher, to compete in a four way scrabble match for the GPW British Championship and lost. At Battlefield, he lost a thirty-minute iron man match involving Zack Diamond and Mikey Whiplash for the GPW British Championship, however, next month at Heroes & Villains he defeated Diamond for the title. He would hold the championship until Do Or Die, in December, where he lost it to Ste Mann. Gallagher would introduce his own belt after losing the British Championship, this was akin to the Million Dollar Championship held by Ted DiBiase. He would lose this title, however, at Fireworks to Ste Mann.

Futureshock (2008-2014)

On 8 June 2008, Gallagher as Toxic, took part in the Lotto-Thunder Tournament and reached the semi final where he was defeated by Jack Domino. On 13 September, he participated in the FSW Trophy Tournament 2009 and was eliminated in the first round by Sparx. In 2010, he began using the name Jack Gallagher. At Futureshock #48, Gallagher won the FSW Trophy Tournament 2010 when he defeated Dave Breaks in the final. On 6 November 2011, Gallagher defeated Dave Rayne to become the FSW Champion. He would hold the championship for fourteen months before losing it to Davey Richards at Futureshock #61. At Futureshock #62, he defeated Stixx and Zack Gibson to become the number one contender for the FSW Championship. Chris Egan announced that Jack Gallagher would be facing Sonjay Dutt at FutureShock #74! Gallagher then surprised Cyanide, informing him that he would be taking on Jay Lethal at FutureShock #74! At FutureShock wrestling #74 Jack Gallagher defeated Sonjay Dutt by Pinfall.


Pro Wrestling Zero1 (2013-Present)

On 3 March 2013 Jack made his debut for Pro Wrestling Zero1 in Japan as he worked under the name of Jack Anthony in a tag team match alongside Ikuto Hidaka. On 15 April 2013, Anthony came together with Craig Classic, James Raideen, Jason New, Maybach β, Sebastian Concrete, Steven Walters and Tama Williams to form a gaijin stable named "New Age Wrestling Future" (NWF) under the guidance of Akebono. The stable was shortly afterwards also joined by Jonathan Gresham and Mark Coffey.


WWE (2016-present)

Gallagher earned a place in the WWE Cruiserweight Classic by defeating Pete Dunne in a qualifier match at Progress Wrestling's Chapter 29 in April. The tournament kicked off on June 23 with Gallagher defeating Fabian Aichner in his first round match.

In wrestling

Championships and accomplishments

  • Futureshock Wrestling
    • FSW Champion (2 time)
    • FSW Trophy Tournament (2010)
    • FSW Tag Team Championship (1 time) - with Alex Cyanide

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