The International Wrestling Association (IWA) is a wrestling promotion in Puerto Rico, started in Japan in 1994 by promoter Victor Quiñones. The Hispanic division was created in 1999. The company was a member of the National Wrestling Alliance until 2001, but again became a member in 2007. IWA was also a WWE Developmental territory from 1999-2001.

The IWA is probably the fastest growing promotion in Puerto Rico of the past few years. In recent years, it has given the island's long-standing promotion, World Wrestling Council a tough competition, featuring younger local and international stars.[citation needed]

This promotion should not be confused with another IWA, which was started up by Eddie Einhorn and operated in the mid 1970s. Einhorn's IWA was arguably the first concentrated effort to create a single, nationally touring wrestling promotion, competing directly against the members of the National Wrestling Alliance.

TV Shows that the IWA produces every week

  • IWA Impacto Total - Saturdays on WKAQ-TV 1:00pm–3:00pm AST
  • IWA Zona Caliente - Sundays on VideoMax 10:00am – 10:30am AST
  • IWA Zona Impactante - Thursdays on VideoMax 8:00pm–9:00pm
  • Impacto Total English - TWC!Fight, UK only.


After what many have said to be the worst year of IWA's history, they have started 2008 with a big bang. This happened in the event "Histeria Boricua", when surprisingly, part of the rival WWC (World Wrestling Council) roster showed up at the event on January 6, 2008. Universal Heavyweight Champion Biggie Size, Television Champion Ash Rubinsky, later renamed Damian, and heel group "Los Templarios", all appeared at the promotion's Three King's Day event. The main spot of the show had WWC Universal Heavyweight Champion Biggie Size, with title on hand, challenged IWA's Heavyweight Champion Blitz, for a unification bout. During the show WWC officials came out to retrieve the belt, under the criticism of IWA officials.

Two days after, the WWC and Carlos Colon threatened to pursue legal action so IWA surrendered the belt.

In a big turn of events, IWA has lost part of its roster including, but not limited to, Ray Gonzalez and Los Aereos (Carlitos & Hiram Tua) while several others are nowhere to be found. It was reported that they were running an angle in which they said former promoter Mario Savoldi stole property from the promotion and that several wrestlers had deserted them in their time of need. Oddly enough this could be seen as a reversal of roles as WWC (World Wrestling Council) had lost a very big part of their roster years ago when they jumped to IWA.

IWA Yearly Events

  • Histeria Boricua (January)
  • Noche de Campeones (February)
  • Juicio Final (April)
  • Jose Miguel Perez Memorial Cup (June)
  • Summer Attitude (July)
  • Armaggedon (August)
  • Golpe de Estado (September)
  • Halloween Mahem (October)
  • Hardcore Weekend (November)
  • Christmas in P.R. (December)





Current IWA Administration

Current IWA Champions

Championship Champion(s) Previous champion(s) Date Won Location
IWA Undisputed World Unified Heavyweight Championship Chris Angel Hiram Tua January 6, 2011 Bayamón, Puerto Rico
IWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship Chris Angel Diabólico December 5, 2010 Bayamón, Puerto Rico
IWA Caribbean Heavyweight Championship Xix Xavant Vacant October 16, 2010 Aguas Buenas, Puerto Rico
IWA Puerto Rico Heavyweight Championship Noel Rodríguez Vacant December 5, 2010 Bayamón, Puerto Rico
IWA World Tag Team Championship Atomo & Sonico Rick Stanley & Dennis Rivera November 20, 2010 Bayamón, Puerto Rico
IWA World Women's Championship Vacant Genesis July 7, 2010 Bayamón, Puerto Rico
IWA Xtreme Combat Division Championship Havok Lash October 16, 2010 Bayamón, Puerto Rico

Previous championships

Championship Final Champion(s) Defeated Date Won Note
IWA World Cruiserweight Championship Noel Rodríguez Onix October 4, 2008 Unified with the Hardcore Championship to the Puerto Rico Heavyweight Championship.
IWA Hardcore Championship Noel Rodríguez Niche October 4, 2008 Unified with the Cruiserweight Championship to the Puerto Rico Heavyweight Championship.
IWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship Bolo The Red Bulldog Julio Franco November 18, 2006 Title was retired on November 25, 2006 by Orlando Toledo announcing that the Cruiserweight Championship would be replacing the title.

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