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International Pro Wrestling: United Kingdom (IPW:UK) is a British promotion based in the South East of England. The promotion is run by Daniel Edler and holds monthly shows from the Orpington Halls as well as other locations around the south east.

Current champions

Championship Champion(s) Defeated Date Won Location
IPW:UK Champion Jimmy Havoc Bad Bones August 9, 2015 Tonbridge, Kent, England
Unified British Tag Team Champions Cieran Donnelly & Danny Duggan James Davis & Rob Lynch July 12, 2015 Tonbridge, Kent, England
All-England Champion Sammy Smooth Jimmy Havoc August 19, 2015 Tonbridge, Kent, England
BWU U23 Champion Sam Slam N/A
First champion
November 18, 2006 Ware, Hertfordshire, England
IPW:UK Women's Champion Tennessee Honey Jetta June 5, 2016 Tonbridge, Kent, England

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