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Insanity Pro Wrestling (IPW) was an American professional wrestling promotion founded in 2003. It closed it's doors in 2012.



Tournament Timeframe Winner
IPW Junior Heavyweight Title Tournament 21.12.2001 Vortex
IPW Mid-American Title Tournament 25.01.2002 Simply Spectacular
IPW Junior Heavyweight Title Tournament 27.09.2002 JC Bailey
IPW Mid-American Title Tournament 06.02.2006 Vortekz
Super Junior Heavyweight Tournament 2006 02.09.2006 Dave Crist
IPW Grand Title Tournament 05.05.2007 Carlton Kaz
Super Junior Heavyweight Tournament 2007 03.11.2007 Billy Roc
IPW Tag Team Title Tournament 05.04.2008 - 05.07.2008 Dustin Rayz & Hillbilly Jed
Super Junior Heavyweight Tournament 2008 06.09.2008 Aaron Williams
Super Junior Heavyweight Tournament 2009 07.11.2009 Dustin Rayz
Super Junior Heavyweight Tournament 2010 06.11.2010 Ricochet

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Insanity Pro Wrestling events
Heat StrokeHardcore Holiday
SacrificeBrawl in the HallUnscarred 2002Insanity Rulz 2002Manglepalooza

1/31Insanity RulzExtreme EvolutionManglepaloozaLegally InsaneHeat Stroke2 Year AnniversaryShocktoberfestAnimosity

SacrificeInsanity RulzMischief, Mayhem & RevengeLegally InsaneUnscarredHeat StrokeReign Of The InsaneSuper Junior Heavyweight TournamentShocktoberfestCivil DisturbanceHardcore Holiday
AnimositySacrificeInsanity RulzFoundation Of WarLegally InsaneStand OffHeat StrokeReign Of The InsaneInsane IntentionsShocktoberfestSuper Junior Heavyweight TournamentHardcore Holiday
AnimositySacrificeLadies OnlyInsanity RulzUprisingLegally InsaneHeat Stroke 2008Crowning PointReign Of The InsaneSuper Junior Heavyweight TournamentShocktoberfestInsane IntentionsSalvation Army Benefit ShowHardcore Holiday
AnimositySacrificeInsanity RulzRevelationsGood Times, Classic InsanityHeat StrokeBreakdownReign Of The Insane: Stage 1Reign Of The Insane: Stage 2ShocktoberfestSuper Junior Heavyweight TournamentHardcore Holiday
AnimosityA New Age of PunishmentUprisingMischief, Mayhem & RevengeDesperate MeasuresReign Of The InsaneShocktoberfestSuper Junior Heavyweight TournamentHardcore Holiday
Showdown in NaptownA New Age Of Insanity3/5UprisingKeep The FaithRevelationsReign Of The InsaneAssault on AutismBonus ShowShocktoberfestInsane Intentions

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