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Impact Pro Wrestling consists of the following roster:

IPW Roster


  • A-Class
  • Alexander
  • Antonio
  • Travis Banks
  • Pirate Jason Burns
  • Reuben de Jong
  • Justin Decent
  • Vinny Dunn
  • Elias
  • Liam Fury
  • Jordan Invincible
  • Danny Jacobs
  • James Shaw
  • Kazuki
  • Kingi
  • Dal Knox
  • Liger
  • Link
  • Luscious
  • Dave O'Connor
  • T.J Rocket
  • Brian Saint James
  • Pat Schisk
  • Brother T
  • Lil T
  • Alfred Valentine
  • Britenay
  • Evie
  • Megan-Kate
  • Olivia Shaw

Tag teams and Stables


  • Alexander and A-Class
  • Best Friends Forever (Megan-Kate and Evie)
  • Fire Mountain Bitch ("Handsome" Danny Jacobs, Britenay and Elias)
  • Miles and Luscious
  • NEO Justice Double (Kazuki and Link Van Haggard)
  • Pirates And Ninjas Are Totally Awesome (Pirate Jason Burns and Ninja Liam Fury)
  • Saint Chaos (Brian Saint James and Curt Chaos)
  • Smack Industries (Jon E. King and Alexander)
  • T&T (Lil T and Brother T)
  • The Arabian Knights (Jericho Aramov and Ali Mohammad)
  • The Dictators of Impact (Alfred Valentine and Dominque Le Force)
  • The Kiwi Express (Davey and Dils Deluxeo)
  • The Rocketman and Jesse Astro
  • The Triple Threat (Alfred Valentine, The Antagonist & Flagboy)


  • Emerald Justice (Kid Liger and Link Van Haggard)
  • Perfect Strangers (The New Zealand Dream and Mischa Vladimir Ivanoff)
  • Pirates And Ninjas And Superheroes Oh My! (Pirates And Ninjas Are Totally Awesome and Emerald Justice)
  • Pro Wrestling Entertainment (Jon E. King, Justin Lane, The Machine and Saint Chaos)
  • Pure Wrestling Excellence (Jon E. King and Saint Chaos)
  • The Dunn Deal (Dal Knox and Vinny Dunn)
  • The Professional Standard (Joseph Kinkade and Mischa Vladimir Ivanoff)
  • The Xtreme Superstars (The Kiwi Express, Megan-Kate Deluxeo, Jordan Invincible, Daddy Kool and "Superstar" Troy Daniels)
  • The New Vogue ("Handsome" Danny Jacobs, Britenay and Paul Starr)


  • Justin Lane
  • Peter Lane ( to Vinny Dunn)
  • Dion McCracken ( to Dal Knox)
  • Conan Dobell
  • Laura Gemming
  • Cameron Lazenby
  • Matt Wolf
  • two others
Announcers and commentators
  • James Cardno (Part-time)
  • Nathan Fenwick (Regular)
  • Iain Kenderdine (Part-time)
  • Lance Knight (Announcer)
  • Dion McCracken (Part Time)
  • Troy Rawhiti-Forbes (Guest Announcer)