The IWA World Women's Championship was a major title in All Japan Women's Pro-Wrestling. It had its origins with Stampede Wrestling in Calgary, Alberta in 1987.


Wrestler Times Date Location Notes
Monster Ripper 1 December 1987 Recognized as champion in Stampede Wrestling; announced as having defeated Wendi Richter before coming to Calgary
Chigusa Nagayo 1 September 22, 1988 Calgary, Alberta Defeats Monster Ripper in tournament final to become first champion
Madusa Miceli 1 January 4, 1989 Tokyo
Chigusa Nagayo 2 January 5, 1989 Tokyo
Vacant May 6, 1989 Nagayo retires
Madusa Miceli 2 September 14, 1989 Kumamoto, Kumamoto Defeats Beastie
Vacant 1991 Title vacant
Kyoko Inoue 1 August 31, 1991 Mita, Tokyo Defeats Debbie Malenko
Manami Toyota 1 April 25, 1992 Yokohama, Kanagawa
Reggie Bennett 1 May 15, 1995 Niigata, Niigata
Takako Inoue 1 December 4, 1995 Tokyo Unifies with All Pacific Championship, defeating Reggie Bennett on November 21, 1996 in Kobe
Kyoko Inoue 2 January 20, 1997 Tokyo
Vacant May 11, 1997 Inoue is unsatisfied after a match against Kaoru Ito ends in a 60-minute time limit draw; title abandoned.

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